International Cooperation Hub for Central SOEs

Function Positioning

Build an information exchange and cooperative trading center for central enterprises that open up to SCO and the countries along the “Belt and Road”

Utilize the SCODA platform as a carrier to achieve information sharing and resource complementation between central enterprises and the countries along the “Belt and Road” as well as the SCO countries, equally focus on “bringing in” and “going out”, and explore a way to shape a new platform for exhibition, business discussion, procurement, outsourcing, and other integrated service systems.

Build a base for central enterprises to exhibit and promote the development of industrial clusters

Strengthen in-depth cooperation with central enterprises in different fields, and take the SCODA as a carrier to gradually build an international platform for central enterprises to exhibit their new technologies, new standards and new models. Meanwhile, promote the integrated development of central enterprises and local industries, build strategic emerging industrial clusters, and create a new situation for regional development.

Innovate a new pattern of central-local cooperation and development

Explore and innovate a model of central-local cooperation, create a good situation of integrated development of “central enterprises + local state-owned enterprises”, “central enterprises + private enterprises”, and “central enterprises + foreign-funded enterprises”, and promote the aggregation of central enterprises' talents, information, technologies, capital and other elements in the SCODA, to maximize the important role of central enterprises in serving the national strategy.

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