Preferential Policies

lAllow the implementation of the pilot program of payment facilitation of foreign exchange income under capital account;

lAllow the external debt cancellation registration of the non-financial companies within the SCODA to be delegated to the banks, and remove the time restrictions for the companies to handle this procedure;

lAllow the companies within the SCODA to be rid of geographical limitation, and able to handle the registration, changes and cancellation of domestic direct investment at any bank under the jurisdiction of the Qingdao Sub-Administration of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. Allow the non-investment foreign-invested companies within the SCODA to participate in domestic equity investment with their capital funds, on the condition of genuineness, in accordance with the law and regulations;

lAllow those companies within the SCODA that have chosen to obtain external debt loan through the "difference between investment and registered investment" to switch to prudent macro management of cross-border financing, which adjustment once made cannot be further changed;

lAllow the companies within the SCODA to adopt different contract currency than its withdrawal currency and repayment currency in cross-border financing, but the withdrawal currency and repayment currency must be consistent;

lRelax the administration of foreign exchange settlement of the capital obtained through domestic asset realization, and allow the capital on the account of domestic asset realization to be settled directly;

lLower the entry threshold for the centralized operation of transnational corporations' cross-border funds, and adjust the scale of domestic and foreign currency balance of payment to over 50 million USD in last year ;

lRelax the administration of guarantee utilization and foreign exchange settlement, so that foreign investors could use their guarantee for capital contribution, foreign exchange settlement payment and other purposes once they win the bidding;

lCancel the limit on the number of capital accounts opened, so that market entities could open multiple foreign exchange accounts under capital accounts as per business demands. 

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