Dragon Boat Festival

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Dragon Boat Festival is also known as Duanyang Festival, Longzhou Festival, Chongwu Festival, Dragon Festival, Zhengyang Festival, and Tianzhong Festival. It originated from celestial phenomena worship, transformed from making sacrifice to the dragon in ancient times. At the noon of a midsummer day, the eastern dragon-shaped constellation rises up to the south, center of the sky. This day is an auspicious day when the dragon flies. Just as the fifth hexagram of the Book of Changes·Qian Diagram said: "Flying dragon in the sky". At the Dragon Boat Festival, the dragon constellation is in a central south position, which is an extremely auspicious symbol. It originated from ancient celestial phenomena culture, humanities, and philosophy, holding profound and deep cultural connotations. During the development, it combined and integrated many customs and festive contents. Rowing dragon boats and eating traditional Chinese rice pudding are the two main customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. This two festival customs remain in China till now since ancient times.

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