Expanding cooperation in cargo trade

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Support Qingdao to build a pilot designated supervision area for the import of special agricultural products from SCO countries. Accelerate the process of obtaining access permit for the high quality agricultural products and food from SCO countries. Expand the import into China and transit to other countries of high quality agricultural products from SCO countries. Build the bulk cargo platform for whole car, car parts, energy and raw materials, and develop used car export business. Support companies to set up products procurement and sales centers in partner cities such as St. Petersburg of Russia, Alta-AMA of Kazakhstan, and expand goods import.

Plan and build modern comprehensive services platform for trade, and aggregate international trade companies and service institutions. Build the exhibition, experience and trading center for the import of SCO special products, and SCO special products pavilions, where a variety of products are showcased, online and offline trading are made. Organize SCO International Investment and Trade Exposition, and SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Qingdao Forum, in an effort to gradually build influential major exhibitions and conferences.

Promoting convenient trade services:

Exchange and share information with the related cities of SCO countries regarding customs clearance, trade and logistics, as well as discussing with the said cities about the convenience of investment and trade, jointly promoting the reform and innovation of port clearance patterns.  Explore the trial project of the convenient foreign exchange settlement and payment for income under foreign exchange capital item, and the trial project of delegating the cancellation and registration of company foreign debt to banks. Implement the export tariff refund policies for financial leasing.

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