SCO Stories - A Day of a Russian Entrepreneur at SCODA in the Future

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SCODA in the future


Future scenario

A day of a Russian entrepreneur at SCODA

will be absolutely rewarding!

Early in the morning

After waking up in his Russian-style guest room in SCO Theme Hotel, Mr.Fadeyev, who loves to stay physically active, goes to the ecological park nearby and works out for half an hour, then he has a nice meal at the Russian restaurant in the hotel. As the procurement director of a large Russian trade group, this is going to be a busy day for him. Yesterday, he met suppliers from Guangdong, Japan, South Korea and Thailand at the SCO Expo. This morning, he is going to sign a number of agreements at the cooperation conference. Learning that those suppliers all have experience shops at the exhibition and experience center in SCODA, he plans to go there and check out the products first.


He arrives at SCO exhibition and experience center easily with the smart voice guide on the APP. He is surprised to see that the center is indeed a big exhibition of all features products of the Asia-Pacific Region. Within the short time of one morning, he has finished the procurement plans for cosmetics of Japan and South Korea, rubber pillows from Thailand, small home appliance made in Qingdao, mechanical and electrical products from Linyi, and shoes and hats from Yiwu and signed long-term supply contracts with three suppliers on the spot. In the past, it would take him two weeks traveling different places to do all that work, with higher expenses, too.


After placing the purchase orders on the comprehensive foreign trade service platform of the port area, Mr.Fadeyev receives the inspection notice right away. When he arrives at the global distribution center of the port area, most of the goods are ready at the warehousing center and are then packed and labeled according to his specification. He can follow the status and whereabouts of other goods on the logistics management APP. Domestic and overseas goods will be consolidated and reach Moscow in two weeks via Qilu China-Russia Railway Express train. Urgent orders can reach clients via the international cargo flights of Jiaodong international Airport on the same day.


Mr.Fadeyev is invited to an international business saloon. He has reported the business environment of SCODA to his group and the group has decided to set up a branch in the port area as its most important global procurement center. He also invites SCODA to hold promotional event in Moscow.

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