SCODA Chosen as Home to China-France Cooperation Hub!

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 On January 5, SCODA Administrative Committee and Aden Group signed the strategic cooperation agreement on jointly building China-France Cooperation Hub in Qingdao, and collaborating on smart industrial park, new energy project and smart medical project.


  It is learnt that China-France Cooperation Hub in Qingdao has chosen SCODA as its location. Planning has been started. The land area of the hub is estimated to be over 4,000 m2. Aden will integrate its upstream and downstream resources on the industrial chain such as TOTAL and Saint-Gobain, and introduce industrial internet innovation resources and projects of France and other European countries to the industrial innovation center of China-France Cooperation Hub. Relevant industrial products will be displayed together. A "park+corporation" operation model will be applied to help SCODA build the new "Belt and Road" international cooperation platform.


  "Before signing the agreement, we have had discussions on the siting, construction, operation and management model of the Hub. The two sides will set up a joint taskforce to facilitate the project and clarify the timetable and roadmap. The project is expected to top out in the first half of this year and put to use by the end of this year." says Meng Qingsheng, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA.


  Moreover, Aden Group will capitalize on the favorable policy of SCODA to build the Aden smart industrial park, energy comprehensive utilization project and smart medical project, so as to create a gateway for two-way bilateral cooperation, and create demonstrative projects for world-class green park and new-generation smart industrial upgrade.

  It is known that Aden Group, founded in 1997, is a world famous IFM company with strengths in industrial property operation and management, energy optimization and smart service management platform. It has partnerships with companies and governments in more than 25 countries and regions in the world.

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