Guests from Xinjiang Jeminay Border Economic Cooperation Zone, Zibo National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone and Linyi Free Trade Zone Visit SCODA

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On March 9 and 10, a delegation led by Zhu Jidong, Secretary of Party Working Committee and Director of Administrative Committee of Xinjiang Jeminay Border Economic Cooperation Zone, as well as heads from the Administrative Committee of Zibo National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone and the Administrative Committee of Linyi Free Trade Zone paid a visit to the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area (SCODA) for investigations and exchanges. The visitors participated in discussions about coordinated development of industrial parks, cooperation and joint development, etc.


The Jeminay Port is an important hub for the China-Kazakhstan-Russia international transportation channel and an essential pivot along the "north route" in the "three-route strategy of the south, central and north routes" for the trade and logistics channels in Xinjiang, taking a special strategic position in the pattern of opening to the outside world in Xinjiang. At the meeting, both sides touched upon such topics as border logistics, cross-border trade and international tourism, and reached consensus on the joint development of their respective industrial parks.


After the briefing on the development of intelligent manufacturing, trade and logistics and some other core industries in Linyi Free Trade Zone and Zibo National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, the parties made statements and exchanged ideas about cooperation and development opportunities in a variety of fields such as cross-border business and trade cooperation under "The Belt and Road Initiative" and the agricultural export platform. Wishing to deepen the cooperation in cross-border trade, agricultural product export, etc., the parties also seek differential and staggered development based on specific geographical advantage and industrial foundation, so as to proactively promote the construction of the joint innovation zones and subsequent in-depth cooperation.

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