China-Europe Freight Train Reached 10,000 in Advance in 2021, with Several Special Train Routes from SCODA

2021-12-17 08:12:39 admin source: share:

On August 31, the 10,000th China-Europe Freight Train run in China headed for Duisburg of Germany. It was reported that this year, China-Europe Freight Train maintained strong growth. Up till the end of August, 10,030 trains were run in total, transporting 964,000 TEUs, reaching the annual goal of 10,000 trains, two months ahead of the schedule compared to last year.


With the fast growth of China-Europe Freight Train all over the country, 1200 China-Europe Freight Trains (Qilu) run in the first eight months, which were coordinated and operated by Shandong Hi-speed Group. SCODA Multimodal Transport Center made strenuous efforts to ensure multiple train lines grow simultaneously, continued to upgrade the dispatch network, and maintained fast development.

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