Bravely Shoulder "Major National Responsibility" SCODA is Better "Internationalized"

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Bravely shoulder the responsibility of the country, continually press ahead. As one of the major national strategies undertaken by Qingdao, SCODA has been fully committed to the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping to build a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation, actively contributing to the opening-up strategy with pioneering spirit and strenuous efforts. The construction of SCODA has been fully launched with the rapid rise of the "four centers" including the international logistics center, etc. Its international influence has been significantly enhanced, boosting Qingdao's opening-up to the outside world at a higher level.

International Logistics Saw Increased Routes and Capacity, Broaden the Road of Opening up.

From 2019 to 2021, the number of international train routes increased from 2 to 15, reaching 49 cities in 20 countries. SCODA integrated land, sea, air, and rail transport, and its multimodal transport center saw cargoes assemble  and freight trains running. Twenty-five international and domestic freight trains routes have been put into regular operation, and a major SCO logistics channel connecting 49 cities in 20 countries of SCO and along the Belt and Road is taking shape at an accelerated pace.

SCO Effect Gaining Strong Momentum under Concentrated Institutional Innovation.

"Experiment, innovate courageously and reform independently" in "ways that replicable and can be promoted". SCODA has always put institutional innovation in a prominent position and has been full of the courage of self-revolution. SCODA has always benchmarked against the high standard, actively planning and creating the institutional innovation brand of "Intelligent and Innovative SCODA". SCODA has actively carried out 35 innovations including the single "bill of lading" pilot implementation for multimodal transport and "SCO·Bank Customs Pass" Guarantee for Customs Duties. The achievements of institutional innovation have been gradually expanded.

With Rapid Growth of Modern Trade, SCO "Circle of Friends" Further Expanded.

Like irrigating the fertile SCO soil with the flowing water of trade, SCODA has accumulated more than 1,700 trading entities, introduced and cultivated ten trading platforms, including SCO Cross-Border Trade Service Center, and four cross-border e-commerce platforms, including Transfar (SCO) Trade Pass. SCODA is striving to create a "new base station" for cross-border trade, promoting modern trade to increase by leaps and bounds. SCODA has seen two-way investment and cooperation accelerated and attracted more and more SCO partners.

The reform and opening-up will not stop. Looking into the future, SCODA will adopt a higher political stance, broader view, and greater strength to promote its construction with full energy, aiming to do things well and effectively, build a positive image and good reputation and become the "test field" for reform and opening up in the municipality, province and country at large.

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