Li Gang Inspected the Operation of Key Enterprises and the Construction of Key Projects

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On February 26, Li Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA led a team to inspect the operation of some key enterprises and the construction of some key projects in SCODA.



At Qingdao Liwang Precision Technology Co., Ltd., Li Gang hoped that it would enhance confidence, further improve the scientific and technological innovation capacity, actively expand the market oriented towards SCO countries, and inject strong momentum into the high-quality development of SCODA.

At the second phase of the new box-type power equipment project of TGOOD and the Lanyun Zhihe Big Health Industrial Park, Li Gang hoped that enterprises would seize development opportunities, give full play to their product advantages, make good use of the international platform of SCODA, and actively "go global" to expand international trade cooperation.

During his visit, Li Gang emphasized that key projects and enterprises are "strong engines" and "hard supports" to promote high-quality development. Relevant institutions and departments should further raise their political stance, thoroughly implement the requirements of the High-level Opening-up and High-Quality Investment Promotion Conference of Shandong Province, target leading industries and competitive industries, strengthen investment attraction, and comprehensively enhance the development capacity of SCODA. We should take the initiative and provide pragmatic and efficient services, comprehensively improve the factor support and service capabilities, form synergy to tackle the problems in the development of enterprises, and effectively support the development of enterprises. And we should prioritize key tasks, focus on the key links, carry out production safety and stability, and create a safe and stable environment for the successful convening of the national "two sessions".

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