The SCODA Modern Trading Center: Using cross-border e-commerce as the bridge to promote the connectivity of trade

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In the face of the pandemic, the SCODA did not wait or procrastinate. Recently, the online dialogue “Cloud meeting in the SCODA and seeking common development” was held. During the event, dialogues were organized with the diplomats from 10 counties including 5 ambassadors including the Russian Ambassador to China, as well as companies from SCO countries. 38 consensus of cooperation were made.


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In 2019, the trade volume of Qingdao reached 592.6 billion yuan, of which the import volume was 251.4 billion yuan, and the export volume was 341.2 billion yuan. 5250 companies carried out economic and trade cooperation with SCO countries, yielding foreign trade volume of 42.271 billion yuan. From January to June this year, SCODA’s foreign trade volume reached 510 million USD, up 19% year-on-year.

The SCODA brought in famous companies of cross-border e-commerce, such as JD.HK. and SCODA also conducted pilot programs for facilitating convenient trading, such as pledge by warehouse receipts. On June 12, China’s first online “SCO Special Products Pavilion” was opened. It enables more than 120 types of products in 11 categories to be sold online, they were from Russia, India and Uzbekistan. Using cross-border e-commerce as the bridge to enhance the connectivity of trade and goods with SCO countries, and further increase the online shopping demands of domestic consumers.


It’s said that, focusing on accelerating the clustering of trading entities of cross-border e-commerce, SCODA issued “20 items” of new policies on speeding up the cultivation of new competitive advantages in international trade. According to these new policies, a maximum subsidy of 0.3% of the total volume of foreign trade with SCO countries could be provided, whereas for those cross-border e-commerce companies building e-commerce platforms, releasing advertisements, and setting up websites, a maximum subsidy of 20% of the total volume of foreign trade with SCO countries could be provided.


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Meng Qingsheng, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, says SCODA will focus on the guiding effect of trade, and promote the reform of convenient trade by seeking policy breakthroughs, building platforms, and mutual recognition of standards. SCODA will also accelerate the clustering of trading entities, explore new types of trading business such as cross-border e-commerce, online exhibitions and sales. In this way, SCODA will forge a new system for international trade, and create a new benchmark and model for the bilateral and multilateral trade cooperation with SCO and Belt and Road countries.

Authentic linden honey from Russia, red wine from Azerbaijan, black tea from Sri Lanka......The 2020 SCO Expo will present an upgraded version of the “SCO Special Products Pavilion”. 2020 SCO International Investment and Trade Expo covered a total exhibition area of 14,000 square meters, including three sections, No.1 and No. 2 indoor venue, plus an outdoor exhibition.


Among the three sections, venue No.1 (the main venue Jiaozhou Fangyuan Sport Center) will accommodate the exhibition on the planning, construction and achievements of SCODA, SCO countries images area, the area of major companies from home and abroad, the first part of International Friendship Cities’ Products Exhibition. The total exhibition area is 2400 square meters, attracting about 30 companies from 18 countries in the areas of transport, logistics and energy.

Venue No.2 will include the key domestic companies area, foreign economic and trade companies area, domestic economic and trade companies area, the second part of the International Friendship Cities’ Products Exhibition. The total exhibition area is 2700 square meters. The SCO international economic and trade companies, including 60 trading and manufacturing companies, mainly showcase special products, agricultural products, food, handicrafts, culture and tourism. While the famous domestic companies, economic and trade companies, including 20 famous companies and 12 companies located in Shandong Province, mainly showcase infrastructure, energy, logistics, trade, intelligence, household appliances, food and agriculture, among other contents.

The outdoor exhibition area is for international special products exhibition, covering 2000 square meters.

In addition to site exhibition, this Expo will also adopt online Expo, using VR technology to showcase “on the cloud” the special products from SCO countries and companies unable to come to the venue.

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