Guests from Liangshan Economic Development Zone Visited SCODA

2021-05-25 16:17:38 admin source: share:

On March 31th, a delegation led by Chen Xiusheng, Vice County Mayor of Liangshan County, and Zhang Ying, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee, Liangshan Economic Development Zone, paid a visit to the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area (SCODA). Xiang Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of the SCODA Administrative Committee, joined in related activities.


At the symposium, both sides had in-depth exchanges of views on matters such as industrial development, scientific and technological innovation and second-hand car trade. They wished to increase the frequency of exchanges for enhanced communications, and integrate resources for ecological protection in the Yellow River Basin and for high-quality development. As both sides complement each other's advantages and pursue collaborative innovation, a win-win outcome would be achieved through cooperation.

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