2021 SCO International Investment and Trade Expo Closed

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Procurement Volume Near 300 Million RMB

The three-day 2021 SCO International Investment and Trade Expo was closed on April 28th.


This expo exhibited the products and services of over 1,500 companies online and offline, and attracted guests and exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions. Nearly 100,000 person times participated in the expo on site, and the consumption volume on site exceeded 10 million RMB. Over 300 professional buyers took part in nearly 400 one-to-one precisely matched negotiations and closed procurement deals worth near 300 million RMB, and the intended procurement volume was near 2 billion RMB.

During the expo, a batch of international sister cities and industrial parks officially established relationship with the SCO Demonstration Area, and 20 key projects with a total investment of 66.8 billion RMB were signed. These projects will inject vitality into the SCO Demonstration Area, and provide new opportunities for the development of the related companies and industries from the SCO countries.

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