The One and Only in Qingdao! SCODA Listed as a "National Pilot for Service Industry Standardization"

2021-12-17 08:22:58 admin source: share:

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Market Regulation jointly released the assessment results of "National Pilot for Service Industry Standardization (Commercial Circulation Project)". The SCODA was successfully listed as a National Pilot for Service Industry Standardization, becoming the only economic  functional zone selected in Qingdao.



It was reported that the "National Pilot for Service Industry Standardization" aimed at encouraging various market entities from different regions and industries to innovate in the stipulation, implementation and application of standards. By doing so, it hoped to issue standards, set up benchmarks, summarize successful experiences that could be replicated and promoted elsewhere. This is the first national-level platform for the SCODA in the area of trade in services. As the sole economic functional zone of Qingdao to be listed, the SCODA plans to build standard systems in areas related to trade in services. It will take into consideration the development of trade in service in SCO member states, and choose several fields to set up standard systems, so as to fill in the industrial vacancy and promote "SCO standards" nationwide.

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