SCODA Participated in the 21st China International Fair for Investment and Trade to Promote and Attract Investment

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On the morning of September 8, the 21st China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT for short) opened in Xiamen. This CIFIT was themed "new opportunities for international investment under new development patterns". CIFIT occupied over 100,000 m2, attracting over 5000 companies and more than 800 economic and trade groups from approximately 100 countries and regions to participate both online and on-site, with over 500,000 participants in total. The investment promotion team of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA set up an exhibition at the investment promotion pavilion and promoted the SCODA. They told "SCO stories", explored cooperation partners, and aimed to expand broader and higher-level cooperation from various perspectives.


The representatives of the SCODA also attended the Russia-China Investment Cooperation Forum, the symposium on "supporting high-quality development and serve the new development patterns" & the press conference on the Report on the Development of Chinese-Invested Enterprises in Different Countries among other events. The representatives heard the experiences on China-Russia exchanges and cooperation, learned the latest information on investing in Russia, communicated with the companies and business associations working with Russia, and established contacts with the companies interested in making investments.

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