SCODA Leader Met With Guests of Shenzhen Eternal Aisa Group

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On June 9, Xiang Zhiqiang, Member of the Party Working Committee, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA met with Zhan Xianxiang, Vice President of Shenzhen Eternal Aisa Group, General Manager of Shandong Eternal Aisa Co. Ltd. at the SCO Service Center.

Xiang Zhiqiang hoped that Eternal Aisa Group could fully leverage its rich experience in the industry supply chain operations, actively participate in the super port construction, build a supply chain service system in conformity with the core industries of SCODA, promote the economic transformation and upgrading with high quality supply chain services, expand the supply and industrial chain development of SCODA, and deepen the connectivity with SCO countries.

Zhan Xianxiang said that Eternal Asia would take the supply chain as the direction of development, based on the development advantages of the logistics industry of Shenzhen Eternal Asia, carry out a variety of services such as logistics, trade and finance, and strive to build at SCODA smart logistics demonstration park and supply chain headquarters base integrating cold chain processing and logistics center, cross-border commercial and trade service center, regional logistics distribution center, multi-modal transportation center and urban and rural distribution center.

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