SCODA Participated in the 2022 Online Training on Chinese Enterprises' Economic and Trade Cooperation with Russia

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On July 7, the 2022 Online Training on Chinese Enterprises' Economic and Trade cooperation with Russia sponsored by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products was held. SCODA has set up a branch venue at the SCO Service Center, organized relevant enterprises to participate in the training, helped enterprises to solve problems encountered in the economic and trade cooperation with Russia, and facilitated enterprises to explore the Russian and Eurasian markets.


At the meeting, government departments and experts in finance, law and other fields introduced in detail Russia's current economic situation, policy adjustments and market opportunities, including the Sino-Russian Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronic Products, Eurasian Department of Ministry of Commerce of China, Moscow Representative Office of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, Russian Business Section of Cainiao Network Technology Co., LTD., International Business Department of ICBC (Moscow), Beijing Xindali Law Firm, etc. The participants interpreted and proposed solutions to the problems of credit and insurance, settlement, logistics and certification which are widely concerned by enterprises. Through the "online face-to-face" training, the participants listened to the experts' analysis of the prospects and countermeasures of investment cooperation under the new situation, obtained relevant practical knowledge of the business operation, and saw the direction of future business development.

It is introduced that, in order to further raise the level of international cooperation, the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of the Administrative Committee of SCODA focuses on improving the connectivity of elements and resources to empower industrial development, studies SCO countries, and collects and invites professionals in various fields who are familiar with SCO countries and are experienced in practice, providing a full range of information and resources connectivity services for domestic enterprises. "We will set up an expert bank on industrial development in SCO countries and compile guidelines on industrial investment in SCO countries to provide guidance for Chinese enterprises to 'go global' and carry out international cooperation." An Official of the international exchange and cooperation department said.

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