Liu Jianjun and Delegation Visited Royole Corporation and CDI

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On October 21, Liu Jianjun, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingdao Committee, Secretary of the CPC Jiaozhou Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director General of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA led a delegation to Royole Corporation and China Development Institution (CDI) in Shenzhen. 


At Royole international flexible display production base, a detailed introduction was made for Liu Jianjun about the technical process, technology level, products and market sales of Royole flexible display, and a discussion was held on the timetable of facilitating the cooperation project. Liu said that Royole is a famous unicorn enterprise. Its fully flexible display technology has many application scenarios in the future and enjoys a broad market prospect. It is hoped that the company can have in-depth cooperation with the SCODA and take part in the Belt and Road cooperation platform for further success. The SCODA is ready to provide the company with an excellent business environment that is enabling, law-based, market-oriented, and up to international standards, so as to offer a fertile ground for the growth of the company.


Liu Zihong, founder, Chairman and CEO of Royole Corporation said, the SCODA enjoys a bright prospect and an excellent location. Royole will register a project company in the SCODA as soon as possible and start preparing for the investment and construction of production lines. The company will expedite those moves after the public offering and will shoulder corporate responsibility by contributing to the development of the SCODA.


Liu Jianjun also visited CDI and exchanged ideas with Hu Zheng, Chief Special Research Fellow of CDI, on how to better develop the SCODA and build a new Belt and Road international cooperation platform in terms of institutional innovation, industrial planning, sci-tech driven development and financial support. Hu Zheng introduced the best practices of China-Belarus Industrial Park and gave detailed suggestions and workable plans for the development of the SCODA. Hu hoped that the SCODA can take the opportunity of the 20th anniversary of the SCO to strengthen regional cooperation and business interactions with the Eurasian Economic Alliance. Liu Jianjun thanked Hu Zheng for his support and assistance for the SCODA. He fully affirmed the overall plan made by CDI and pledged further cooperation with CDI on behalf of the SCODA.

Meng Qingsheng, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA, and Zhang Hongye, Member of the Standing Committee and Director of the General Office of the CPC Jiaozhou Committee were also on the visit.

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