SingCham Visited the SCODA

2021-07-10 11:20:30 admin source: share:

On May 10th, Ong Tze Guan, Chairman of Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China visited the SCODA. Tang Dehua, Member of the Party Working Committee of the SCODA accompanied. Ong Tze Guan visited the planning exhibition hall of the SCODA, and had a meeting at SCO Service Center.


Tang Dehua hoped that SingCham would continue to act as a bridge to strengthen the communication and exchanged between the two sides, actively introduce Singapore business to invest in the SCODA, promote more high-quality projects to locate and operate in the SCODA, so as to create a new development paradigm of local economic and trade cooperation. Ong Tze Guan said that SingCham would leverage its advantages, promote bilateral cooperation in international logistics and trade, vocational education, food processing, etc. facilitate contacts for companies of the two sides, and yield win-win results.

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