Guests from State Power Investment Corporation Limited Visited SCODA

2021-07-10 14:52:34 admin source: share:

On May 25, Lin Changhua, Deputy Director General of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA met with Qiu Shaohua, Chairman of the Board of Chunhe (Guangdong) Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. under the State Power Investment Corporation Limited and his team.


Lin Changhua said that the SCODA was picking up speed in the high-level construction, and would like to advance the cooperation with the State Power Investment Corporation Limited to promote the integration of industry and finance, strengthen cooperation in new agriculture, energy and finance, so as to achieve win-win results.

Qiu Shaohua said that the company stood ready to further the cooperation with the SCODA, and would land the project as soon as possible, in order to share development opportunities and make due contribution to the building of the SCODA.


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