China-Pakistan Local Two-Way Tourism Promotion Held at SCODA

2021-12-17 08:31:08 admin source: share:

On the afternoon of September 16, the "China-Pakistan Local Two-Way Tourism Promotion & Unveiling Ceremony for China-Pakistan One-Stop Service Platform for Tourism" was held at Qingdao China-SCO International Cooperation Hub at China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area (hereinafter referred to as the SCODA).



This event aimed at promoting the close contacts between Shandong Province and its sister province in Pakistan, Punjab, and Qingdao and its sister city in Pakistan Karachi through two-way local tourism promotion. It would also enhance the dynamic exchanges between Qingdao and Pakistan in two-way culture and tourism, expand the channels between the SCODA and Pakistan in tourism, economic and trade cooperation, which would lay a solid foundation for the exchange and interaction in China-Pakistan two-way tourism in the post-pandemic era.


"China-Pakistan One-Stop Service Platform for Tourism" was unveiled, which would provide consultation, visa application, tourism planning, tourism insurance, safety and other convenient services from food, accommodation to transport for Chinese and Pakistani tourists.

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