Guests from TGOOD Group Visited SCODA

2022-04-20 14:18:17 admin source: share:

On March 7, Meng Qingsheng, Member of the Party Working Committee, and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, met with Zhou Jun, President of TGOOD Group, and his team at SCODA Service Center.


Meng Qingsheng hoped that TGOOD Group would seize the opportunity of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, create a paradigm of TGOOD in energy conservation, emission reduction and green development at SCODA, and help SCODA to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and realize high-quality development.

Zhou Jun said that TGOOD would give full play to its advantages in technology and resources, leverage the advantages of SCODA's platform, and strive to take the lead in realizing green and low-carbon development, thus contributing to SCODA's efforts to realize carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

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