SCODA Held Video Conference on Investment Promotion of Silu Yizhan

2022-04-20 14:20:48 admin source: share:

On March 9, SCODA and Beijing Silu Yizhan Technology Management Co., Ltd. held a video conference on investment promotion. The two sides discussed investment promotion of energy bulk trade and capital market cooperation with SCO countries.



During the meeting, Li Jun, head of Silu Yizhan, said that the company would leverage its own advantages to build a high-quality platform, attract more alliance enterprises to SCODA, gradually carry out cross-market exchanges and cooperation in the international capital market, and two-way investment cooperation with SCO countries.

Zhang Dong, Member of the Party Working Committee, Deputy Director (interim) of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, said that SCODA would focus on the demands of enterprises, actively solve the difficulties encountered by the enterprises, open up the basic path for energy bulk trade projects to land, thus facilitating the construction of SCODA's two-way investment center.


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