New Progress in the Gwadar Port Oil Refining Project Made by Providing Precise Services with "Customized Policy for Each Enterprise"

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    Recently, the Gwadar Port oil refining project ushered in new progress. Donghai Holding (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., the overseas investment platform company of the project, was officially registered and established in SCODA. In the future, it plans to become the investment headquarters, settlement center and training center for local employees in Pakistan.

    The relevant person in charge of the project said that since the signing of the project, the Administrative Committee of SCODA has taken the initiative to contact on many occasions, coordinate relevant departments to provide accurate services for the company, simplify procedures, and let the company feel the strong atmosphere of investment attraction and entrepreneurship in SCODA.

     At the recently held Gwadar Port oil refining project promotion meeting, the Administrative  Committee of SCODA communicated with relevant government departments, including the Jiaozhou Bureau of Commerce, Jiaozhou Emergency Management Bureau and Jiaozhou Tax Bureau, on the company's future operation path and mode. At the meeting, relevant departments discussed the pain points and difficulties during implementation of the project, accurately matched the relevant policies, resources and government services of SCODA in terms of policy support and procedures, and formed the "Customized Policy for Each Enterprise" solution to ensure the implementation of the project as soon as possible.

    The relevant person in charge of the Second Department of Industrial Development of the Administrative Committee of SCODA said that the Gwadar Port oil refining project is the first "going global" project generated from SCODA, which holds great significance. The SCODA will further implement the "Customized Policy for Each Enterprise" service mechanism, adhere to the work, project, project list, and timeline of objective, specify the concrete link and timeline of the tasks, take responsibilities and measures, and accelerate the project implementation, seeking new breakthroughs in building a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation.

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