The SCODA Business, Tourism and Culture Exchange Center: Promoting Deep Integration of Diverse Culture on the Belt and Road

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The SCODA is actively promoting the cooperation between Russian universities and Qingdao University, accelerating the building of the SCO Research Institute at Qingdao University, and the SCO Energy and Culture Research Institute at China University of Petroleum. The SCODA is also facilitating education cooperation between Weidong Group and SCO countries. The first China-SCO International Young Talents Exchange and Economic & Trade Policy Training Class was successfully organized. So far, the SCODA has visited 11 SCO countries including Kazakhstan to carry out economic, trade, and culture exchanges, and received 76 SCO delegations.

The Belt and Road originated from trade and prospered by culture. In the spirit of seeking harmony in diversity, learning from each other, and creating win-win results, the SCODA will adopt a more open and inclusive philosophy, respect the intellectual creation and cultural tradition of the people from countries along the Belt and Road, fully leverage the Internet mindset and new technologies, in order to promote the deep integration of diverse cultures of the Belt and Road, thus building it into a road of culture, communication and cooperation, creating a new model of the Silk Road in the new era!

Hello, Qingdao! Hello, Jiaozhou! The 2021 SCO Expo will focus on the areas of international logistics, modern trade, two-way investment, business, tourism and culture exchanges, and marine cooperation, strengthen the connectivity, economic and trade cooperation, cultural integration between China and SCO countries, aiming to build a permanent platform for local economic and trade cooperation.

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