Guests from SCO Countries Visited the SCODA and Planted "SCODA Friendship Woods"

2021-07-10 15:59:27 admin source: share:

On April 25th, Vladimir Norov, SCO Secretary General, and envoys of SCO countries in China attending 2021 SCO Expo & Qingdao Forum, visited the SCODA, planted the friendship woods, and unveiled the commemorating stone.

Norov came to Ruyi Lake Park to plant the friendship woods of the SCODA. He planted 19 evergreen white bark pines, and unveiled the commemorating stone of the friendship woods.


This year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Jointly planting the friendship woods in the SCODA was both a vivid interpretation of the SCO countries' practice of the "harmonious cooperation" philosophy and the Shanghai Spirit, and a permanent witness of SCO countries' continuous strengthening of local cooperation.  By planting the friendship woods in the SCODA, they also planted the hopes and expectations of the peoples of SCO countries for peace, friendship and progress. It would encourage and promote in-depth collaboration and coordination of SCO countries, and enhance local cooperation in logistics, trade, investment, business, tourism and culture.


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