Safeguarding Belt and Road Action Held at SCODA

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On May 13, Jiaozhou Tax Service of State Taxation Administration jointly held the Safeguarding Belt and Road Action with SCO "Law and Intelligence Valley" at the SCO International Trade Center, and simultaneously launched three measures of the action. Li Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, attended the event and unveiled the "China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Cross-border Tax-related Dispute Resolution Cooperation Demonstration and Pioneer Studio".


Xiang Zhiqiang, Member of the Party Working Committee, and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, attended and delivered a speech. He hoped this event could provide an opportunity for fully integrating taxation service with the advantage of SCO "Law and Intelligence Valley" in foreign legal service, deepening cooperation in rule of law of taxation to provide more precise taxation and legal services for the enterprises based at SCODA from Belt and Road countries, and strive to make greater contribution for high-quality joint development of Belt and Road on the basis of rule of law.

Zhang Rui, the Inspector at Level 1 of Qingdao Tax Service, State Taxation Administration, said that the administration would further leverage the role of taxation as a foundation, pillar and guarantee, promote the collective innovation of taxation system at SCODA from a high standing point, build the taxation business environment of SCODA with high standards, and cultivate high-quality professional taxation talents at a high level, making every effort to become the gas station and haven to support SCODA in bringing in enterprises and encouraging those based here to go out.

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