The 11th China Energy Scientists Forum and the first Shanghai Cooperation global innovation and Entrepreneurship Week

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On November 28, the 11th China Energy Scientists Forum and the first Shanghai Cooperation global innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent week opened in Jiaozhou. He Duohui, academician and professor of Chinese Academy of engineering and director of Academic Committee of University of science and technology of China, Xue Qingguo, member of Standing Committee of Qingdao municipal Party committee and vice mayor, and Xu Ziming, director of energy efficiency and energy storage department of science and Technology Department of national energy administration, attended the opening ceremony. Liu Jianjun, member of the Standing Committee of Qingdao municipal Party committee, Secretary of Jiaozhou municipal Party committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Shanghe demonstration zone, presided over the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Leaders of Jiaozhou City, such as Bi weizhun, Yang Shenghai, Yang Bo, Sun Zhen, fan Qizhi, Ma Jinxiu, Zhang Hongye and Li Baoshou, Hao Guoxin, deputy director of the Management Committee of Shanghe demonstration zone, and more than 100 top experts and scholars in the energy field, as well as more than 100 energy industry related experts and scholars The chairman and general manager of the enterprise attended the opening ceremony.

Qin Zhongyi, former chief engineer of the Ministry of energy, hereby sent a congratulatory letter. He said that holding the forum is of great significance to scientifically grasp the new development stage, firmly implement the new development concept, and serve to build a new development pattern. It is hoped that Qingdao, Jiaozhou and Shanghai Cooperation demonstration zones will take this forum as an opportunity to speed up energy innovation and new energy industry development, deepen energy revolution, and focus on the theme of "integration and innovation" to brainstorm and conduct in-depth discussions, so as to better benefit the society and the people with energy development achievements.


In his speech, xueqingguo said that on August 6, liujiayi, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, came to Shanghai he demonstration zone to give us great encouragement by giving "three good evaluations" of "good start, good start and better hope for the future". At present, a new round of energy revolution is booming with the main characteristics of cleaning, high efficiency, low-carbon and intelligent. We sincerely hope that you will give advice and suggestions for the development of Qingdao energy industry and the construction of Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone. We welcome all kinds of talents and enterprises to settle in Qingdao and Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone. We will continue to work hard to create a comfortable, comfortable and comfortable business environment, to make everyone comfortable, secure and work in Qingdao, accelerate the creation of talent pool depression, scientific and technological innovation base, achievements transformation and mechanism reform highland, and jointly create a better future for the energy industry.

In his speech, one belt, one road, Xu Ziming hoped that Jiaozhou would play its own advantages and strengthen cooperation with the countries along the belt. At the same time, we hope that our experts will work together for energy and technology innovation, and make greater contributions to the further development of the energy revolution and the construction of clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system.

In his speech, Wu Qiang, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, vice president of China Energy Society, and President of energy and environment society of xiong'an new area, hoped that all relevant departments and entrepreneurs in Jiaozhou would take this forum as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and understanding with academicians and experts, promote in-depth cooperation in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and introduction of high-level talents, so as to drive the development of Jiaozhou To promote the development of emerging industries and the level of regional innovation.

Liu Jianjun said in his presiding speech that the Eleventh China Energy Scientists Forum and the first week of global innovation and Entrepreneurship Week is the practical move to implement general secretary Xi Jinping's "four revolutions and one cooperation" strategy of major energy strategy, and also to promote the high quality development of energy industry. It will bring an unforgettable "wisdom sharing" and wonderful. "Thinking collision" and "brainstorming" are intense. We will rely on the Shanghai Cooperation energy industry alliance to promote more leading energy industry enterprises and business associations of SCO to interact and coupling, deepen cooperation and seek common development, and contribute wisdom to the development of energy industry in the Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone. We sincerely invite all kinds of talents, entrepreneurs and friends in the energy field and young people who are interested in Entrepreneurship and development in the energy field to Jiaozhou and Shanghe demonstration zone to work together to deepen the energy revolution.

Before the opening ceremony, Liu Jianjun met with he Duohui and his party. Jiaozhou city leaders fan Qizhi, Zhang Hongye and Li Baoshui were present at the meeting.

It is reported that this week-long activity, with the theme of "integration and innovation", will focus on the current energy industry policy, technological innovation, market opportunities and challenges, the latest cutting-edge technology and other topics for in-depth discussion. There are three parts: China Energy Scientists Forum, Shanghai Cooperation global talent innovation and entrepreneurship competition, industry university research cooperation Fair, and four sub Forums: new energy and new materials, hydrogen energy, clean and efficient utilization of coal, and environmental remediation. Academicians such as Jinyong, feiweiyang, Han Buxing, Li Jinghong and more than 40 experts and scholars made keynote speeches at the forum to focus on and explore the energy industry reform The most cutting-edge science and technology development trend, to build efficient, economic, clean and meet the requirements of low-carbon economy sustainable energy development system to share and discuss.

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