Li Gang Met with the Executive President Xu Yan of Transfar Zhilian

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On April 25, Li Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and the Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA met with Xu Yan, Executive President of Transfar Zhilian at the SCO Service Center.


Li Gang hoped that Transfar would continue to hold high the banner of development, work with SCODA to seize strategic opportunities and deepen practical cooperation, strengthen communication and exchanges in promoting the development of modern logistics, cross-border e-commerce cooperation and optimizing industrial layout, and explore cooperation paths in more fields to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results. SCODA will wholeheartedly support the development of enterprises, coordinate to solve the difficulties existing in the corporate development and operation, and safeguard the high-quality development of enterprises.

Xu Yan said that Transfar would aspire to serve the national strategy, work actively in project positioning, project quality and industrial aggregation, promote the innovation of traditional industry, chain and cluster development of advantageous industry, scale development of high-tech industries, accelerate the upgrading of business models, constantly cultivate new drivers for high quality development, and fully facilitate SCODA's building a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation.

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