SCO Secretary-General Zhang Ming Visited Russia Officially

2022-06-23 13:46:12 admin source: share:

From May 17 to 19, SCO Secretary-General Zhang Ming visited Russia officially. During his visit, Zhang Ming met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, and held consultations with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Morgulov.


Lavrov said Russia is ready to work with all parties to further study and improve the SCO working mechanism to enhance cooperation efficiency and create necessary conditions for the new development of the organization.

Morgulov said that Russia will work closely with SCO member states and the Secretariat to support the President country Uzbekistan in hosting Samarkand Summit, and he expects the summit to inject new and strong impetus into the development of SCO.

Zhang Ming said that he expected Russia to play a greater positive role in politics, security, economy, culture and people-to-people cooperation and make new contributions to the new development of SCO. The Secretariat stands ready to maintain close working contact with the Russian side to ensure high-quality completion of all tasks.

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