The SCO Demonstration Area Exhibition Hall (SCODA Exhibition Hall)

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  • Function: Using high-tech and intelligent measures, It showcases the resolve of the SCO Demonstration Area to take on great responsibility for the country and its down-to-earth attitude toward innovation. Actively responding to the national call, The Exhibition Hall is designed with a scientific planning of function layout. It fully advances the implementation of relevant works, displays achievements, and depicts the blueprint and planning for the future. Great efforts will be made to make the Exhibition Hall the “No. 1 Window” of the new platform for the Belt and Road Initiative international cooperation.

  • Location: Banquet Hall, 1st floor, ZhongQi Conifer Hotel.

  • Progress: The construction of the planning Exhibition Hall has been completed and put into trial operation. Still receiving ongoing improvement and upgrade, it has already accommodated visits by many government authorities, associations and companies, domestic or overseas.

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