SCO Stories - The Live Stream in a Cafe under the Spillover Effect at the Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub!

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The SCO Demonstration Area teems with musical notes and extraordinary vibrancy under the shining sun.


Whenever you approach the northeast corner on the second floor of the SCO Exchange and Service Center at the Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub, you’ll smell the coffee aroma, and sounds of heated discussions will linger in your ears. What comes into your eyes include red wine, biscuit, chocolate, honey… Specialties from the SCO countries have occupied the entire reading area of this cafe. Liu Liyuan, a female live streamer of the “Cloud Meeting”, and her team are in a real-world “Competition on Huashan Mountain” for their live streaming sales, with feelings running high and each one selling his or her own products.

Liu Liyuan and Izatullo, an international student from Tajikistan, run a cafe together at the Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub, which is frequented by businessmen working at the Cooperation Hub from Russia, Moldova, Tajikistan and so on. From these people, Liu Liyuan has learnt that they were in urgent need of entering into the “gate of trade” in China, and a solution to find an effective way of marketing was thus badly needed by those foreign businessmen.

In June, the SCO Demonstration Area closed a deal of strategic cooperation in logistics with the Shandong Province Branch of Jingdong Logistics, and the first online “SCO Specialties Shop” jointly built by both sides opened. Through this platform, specialties from the SCO countries could realize the “one-stop sales”. The Live streaming for one hour only on the opening day attracted as many as 1.32 million views, with 14,600 orders placed and a sales volume of 1.156 million yuan achieved. This inspired Liu Liyuan, in the arena of the SCO Demonstration Area, she directed her eyesight to online sales through live-streaming, a dynamic new frontier, and regarded the live-streaming model as a new channel of marketing. After one month, she turned into a live streamer for online sales.

“We can find quality sources of goods from the Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub as well as a host of advantages on technical support, business roadshow, information release, meeting and exchanges, etc. Our live-streaming studio would find a better way out here.” said Liu Liyuan. The live-streaming studio had given them first-hand experience of the “hardcore configuration” of the SCO Demonstration Area.



Just 17 days! In this period Liu Liyuan and her team accomplished their first live-streaming. Through internet traffic attracting and warming-up, what were presented in front of her webcam covered potato chips from Russia, red wines from Moldova, featured clothing from Tajikistan… Those featured fine goods from the Belt and Road countries as well as the SCO member states brilliantly complement each other. According to Liu Liyuan, the Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub does not only create an “endorsement effect”, but it also means a wider scope of development opportunities.

A nice cup of coffee, a symbol of this fine place for business. Having mastered two “Silver Bullets” – Tencent Livestreaming and the “Cloud Meeting” account on Douyin(Chinese Tiktok), Liu Liyuan has also been looking for new audience from the large user base of Douyin, while attracting local fans. The first Douyin live streaming on her own account attracted 35,000 views, closing near 1,000 deals.

In her spare time at the cafe, Liu Liyuan would always open up a “task map” for her live streaming, following the progress, coming up with topics for traffic attraction, contacting suppliers…

Only with difficulties will make a man brave up; an earnest behavior would always be deemed valuable. “Elizara is a lady’s red wine that could fit with this Merlot wine for gentlemen. We may create a marketing mix for them.” Liu Liyuan has been preparing for the second live streaming for red wines lately with Benjamin, who runs Qingdao Loghiny International Import and Export Co., Ltd., a moved-in business at the Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub. “We must sum up what we’ve learned from the last live streaming and then be fully prepared.”

An aromatic drop of coffee reflects the fresh current for business and trade. Thanks to the overspill effect of the Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub, the new vigor of trade business is coming out of a cafe, arousing surging vitality through fantastic moves.


Liu Liyuan is full of confidence in respect of the planning for the future. “The SCO Demonstration Area is a green channel for us to enter the grand marketplace of the SCO member states and the Belt and Road countries. We intend to bring more and more specialty products, attractive in both price and quality, to China in such forms as live streaming, and to promote quality goods from China to overseas, driving bilateral and multilateral trade and opening up a new path for international trade.” says Liu Liyuan.

What really makes the difference in the competition is speed and strength between master-hands. The “Cloud Meeting” live-streaming studio enjoys both advantages, and has been gradually gaining an advantage of high-quality development by seizing the opportunities from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. A splendid future, therefore, can be expected.

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