SCO Finance Building Project

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Functions: As an integral part of the financial business district of the SCODA, the SCO Finance Research & Design Headquarters will introduce the element market resources that align with the financial industry to form the whole industrial chain of the financial industry, in a bid to improve the soft environment for the development of the financial industry, attract domestic and foreign financial institutions to settle in, and accelerate the cultivation of headquarters economy of the trade and finance business of SCO countries.

Construction scale: Covering a land area of 62,000 m2.

Its building area is 480,000 m2.

Total investment: The total investment is approximately 3.6 billion yuan.

Project location: In a parcel to the north of Jinhu, south of Changjiang Road, east of Jinrong Avenue, and west of Hexie Avenue.

Cooperative directions: 

1. Investment, financing, development, and construction;

2. Facilitating central enterprises to settle in and start business;

3. Promoting the implementation of bilateral financial investment business for central enterprises.

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