SCO Big Data Center and New Infrastructure Construction Project

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Functions: When building the SCO Big Data Center, it is necessary to maximize the technical advantages of central enterprises in 5G applications, Internet of Things, Big Data and other fields to promote the construction of smart city, Big Data system, basic electricity and communications network, and Internet of Things of the SCODA, in a bid to realize information exchange and intelligent processing between the SCODA and the SCO countries and enterprises, and build an information port for the SCO countries.

Construction scale: The Big Data Center covers a land area of 42,000 m2.

Its building area is 250,000 m2.

Total investment: The Big Data Center has a total investment of approximately 2 billion yuan.

Cooperative directions

1. Project investment, financing, development, construction and operation; 

2. Top-level planning for smart city; 

3. Investment, financing, development and construction of smart city; 

4. Application of 5G and other advanced network communications, and implementation of international projects.

Project location: In a parcel to the north of Jinhu, south of Changjiang Road, east of Jingrong Avenue, and west of Hexie Avenue.

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