Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub

The Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub with a total floor area of approximately 30,000 square meters provides such functions as products exhibition, investment and trade meetings, and roadshows and introduction, aimed to promote wider and deeper multilateral integration of capital, technology, and talents among the SCO member countries and the Belt and Road countries.

Building a Qingdao China-SCO Countries Cooperation Hub oriented toward the Belt and Road Initiative, influencing the Yellow River basin, and serving as the No. 1 Window, No. 1 Platform, No. 1 Passage, and No. 1 Harbor.

Function positioning

International Business and Trade Exhibition

Featured with the concentration of countries, products and information, it aims to further connect with all kinds of resources from the SCO countries, governments along the Belt and Road, business associations, and companies, and to provide both online and offline display platforms for enterprises willing to enter the Chinese market.

International Commercial Service

Establish a commercial rule system that complies with international standards by leveraging the advanced concepts in the international market; create a legal environment that meets the requirement of the market economy; provide moved-in companies with commercial services that are common in the international community, including intellectual property protection, legal service, financial service, etc., and promote equity in rules, opportunities and rights.

International Business Travel Security

Respect the customs, local conditions, and cultural characteristics of different countries; establish supporting facilities such as restaurants, hotels, apartments, schools, religious sites, etc.

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