Facilitating the Sprint of the SCODA and the Qingdao Area of China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the Qingdao Municipal Government Authorized the Municipal-level Administrative Power Items List

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Qingdao Daily Press Group/Guanhai News September 24 Qingdao Municipal Government recently printed and released The Circular on Releasing Some Municipal Level Administrative Power Items to the Qingdao Area of China(Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area(hereinafter referred to as the two areas). The Circular stipulates the list of administrative power items (namely the negative list)not allowed to be delegated to the two areas and specifies that the municipal level administrative power items outside of the list can be undertaken by the two areas gradually and in batches, in line with the demand of the works, ability to undertake and conditions of implementation of the two areas.


The negative list includes 77 items, which incledes 13 items related to national security, 18 items related to ideological security, 31 items related to public security, 8 items related to ecological security, 7 items related to the security of people's lives and health. There are 43 administrative authorizations, 6 administrative affirmations, and 28 other administrative power items among all the types .


The Circular points out that the General Office of Qingdao Municipal Government should follow the principle of one time authorization, undertaking in batches, and guide the two areas to formulate a power demand list as per the reality. The two areas should complete the communication with the related departments of the municipal government by the end of October, and decide the first batch of specific power items to be undertaken, whereas the other batches of items should be decided at an appropriate time.


The Circular requires that the related departments of the municipal government should strengthen the guidance for and supervision over the authorized items, sign the letter of authorization with the two areas on the authorized municipal level power items, publicly announce the content of the administrative powers authorized to the two areas, supervise the two areas' implementation of the authorized administrative power, and bear the legal responsibility resulting from the two areas' implementation of the authorized administrative power. At the same time, the related departments of the municipal government should proactively create favorable conditions in talents, training, equipment, information systems and other aspects, stipulate policies and standards on the basis of research, so as to improve the two areas' ability to undertake more items and provide better governmental services. The two areas should strive to do a good job in undertaking and implementing the authorized items, practice the approval and supervision responsibilities in accordance with the law, establish and improve the affiliated measures and management systems, strengthen the supervision over the authorized items during and after related procedures, so as to constantly optimize governmental services, and build the first-grade business environment. (Qingdao Daily All Media Journalist Xue Huafei)


[Source: Qingdao Daily Press Group]

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