Liu Jianjun Meets with SCO Secretary-General

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On the morning of August 22, Liu Jianjun, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Qingdao Committee and Secretary of CPC Jiaozhou Committee, met with Vladimir Norov, SCO Secretary-General, who has come to Qingdao to attend the 6th China Wealth Forum, at SCO Service Center of SCODA.


Liu Jianjun introduces the core area of SCODA to Mr. Norov. Liu says, SCODA is stepping up construction according to the goal of "building a new platform for international cooperation of 'Belt and Road'", and forging links running eastward and westward, across land and over sea for opening up. A 10-km2 core area has been planned around the Ruyi Lake and the aboveground and underground spatial design is conducted by Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University. Planning for the SCO consulates general enclave, SCO featured street, etc., is well under way. Liu expresses hopes for continued guidance and support from Mr. Norov regarding the establishment of liaison office in SCODA, strengthening exchanges between SCODA and SCO countries, hosting SCO Investment and Trade Expo, launch of International Cooperation Hub for SCO Countries, etc.

Mr. Norov says, SCODA is entering a harvest stage. It is hoped to, while raising reputation and appeal via media publicity, keep trying new models and set up examples of promoting exchanges and cooperation, especially trade interactions among SCO countries. It is expected to create replicable practices for other SCO countries to copy so as to make contribution to the development of the whole SCO Region.


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