SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov: Looking forward to Replicate SCODA Practices for SCO Member States

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Interview of SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov with Haibao News of

Haibao News of, Qingdao, August ( By Wang Yi)  On August 14,  Haibao News of interviewed SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov in Qingdao. Norov believes that, SCODA has provided a good platform for SCO member states, and its best practices can be copied in other SCO member states.

Norov says that, Qingdao enjoy a great geographical location. It is a gateway to Central Asian countries and Russia, as well as the nearest port to the Pacific trade corridor. SCODA can provide SCO member states with excellent conditions for trade and circulation of goods by bringing multinational corporations from those countries together onto this platform.

There is still huge room for growth of direct trade volume among SCO member states. SCODA serves as an effective platform for companies from the SCO countries to enter the Chinese market. Norov holds that, the Chinese market, huge and promising, offers SCO countries the opportunity to share in China's development dividend. More importantly, the Chinese market is becoming increasingly open and therefore SCODA present a tremendous opportunity for other SCO countries.


Speaking about the future, Norov says, SCODA is the first demonstration area for SCO countries to deepen cooperation in various areas. It will not be the only area for in-depth integration. Qingdao is making effort to put the "Shanghai Spirit" of Mutual Trust, Mutual Benefit, Equality, Consultation Respect for Diversity of Civilizations and Pursuit of Common Development into practice. The SCODA practices can be copied in other SCO countries in the future.


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