SCODA Participated in the 3rd China International Import Expo

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On November 5 and 6, Meng Qingsheng, Member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of SCODA, attended the 3rd China International Import Expo, visited ambassadors and commercial counselors, representatives of chambers of commerce and associations of SCO countries, attended and addressed the Forum on Two-way Cooperation between Belt and Road Countries and Local Governments, signed strategic cooperation agreement with Fosun Group, and visited Fortune 500 companies and leading Chinese companies. 



During the Expo, Meng visited the national pavilions of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Serbia, etc. He met with French Ambassador Laurent Bili, Ukraine Ambassador Kamyshev Serhii,  Andreyev Stepan from Trade Mission of Russia in China,  Alimkhanov from Trade Department of Uzbek Embassy,  Consul-General of Iran in Shanghai Ramazan Parvaz, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan Teymur Nadiroghlu, Consul-General of Sri Lanka in Shanghai Manorie Mallikaratchy, Commercial Officer at Consulate-General of Turkey in Shanghai Murat Kaukabas, etc. Meng introduced SCODA, expressed hopes for cooperation and extended invitations to them.


Photo with Ukraine Ambassador Kamyshev Serhii and former Vice Minister of International Department of the CPC Central Committee Zhou Li 


Meng Qingsheng introduces SCODA to French Ambassador to China Laurent Bili


On the morning of November 6, at the Forum on Two-way Cooperation between "Belt and Road" Countries and Local Governments sponsored by China International Economic Cooperation Society of Ministry of Commerce, Meng Qingsheng briefed Chen Jian, former Vice Minister of Commerce, Zhou Li, Former Vice Minister of International Department of the CPC Central Committee, Li Jinzhang, Former Vice Foreign Minister, Cui Mingmo, President of China International Economic Cooperation Society, Zhang Li, Deputy Director of External Trade Department of Ministry of Commerce, on the progress of SCODA. He made a thematic presentation at the forum. His remarks were highly recognized by officials and business leaders present at the forum who promised to help promote SCODA with focus on the development of the "five centers" as platforms for logistics, trade, investment and other economic and trade cooperation.


Meng Qingsheng Made Keynote Speech and Presentation


When touring the expo, Meng Qingdao visited the pavilions of Abbott, China-Belarus Industrial Park, and the national pavilions of the SCO countries, and talked with Solidarnost Bank and other financial institutions. At the pavilion of China-Belarus Industrial Park, Meng had in-depth discussions with Deputy General Manager Ren Fei on exploring ways of cooperation between the parks. Meng also visited Wu Chuangwei, Deputy Director of Administrative Committee of Zhuhai Hengqin New Area and exchanged experiences in international cooperation and institutional innovation.


To promote the development of the two-way investment cooperation center and the modern trade center, Meng Qingsheng paid special visits to the pavilions of Pfizer, Varian, BD,  Aipuson, Takeda and other biomedicine and healthcare exhibitors, and discussed cooperation project with Meng Haowen, Senior VP and CEO for Asia Pacific Region of Saint-Gobain Group. When visiting the exhibition of trade in services, Meng had discussions with leading supply chain, logistics, cross-border e-commerce, sci-tech innovation and exhibition firms including Globalfulfill, Jingwei Group, Oriental Overseas Warehousing,  Longteng Freight Forwarding, GL Events, IMX, Top Ideal, Nordic Innovation Center, Eman Logistics,RUNBOW, Eternal Asia, Apexlogistics, and At the exhibition area of Zhe Jiang Yiwu International Commodity Market, Meng Qingsheng learned about the whole industrial process from import and export, forwarding and distribution, supply chain finance, ICMALL, to comprehensive bonded operation. He also discussed the introduction of the whole-industrial-chain service platform of Yiwu Market.


On the front of business travel and culture center, Meng Qingsheng visited the national products pavilions of SCO countries. At the Kazakh pavilion, he focused on the import of quality beef and mutton; at the Turkey pavilion, he talked about trade cooperation with representative of Chamber of Commerce; at the Serbian Pavilion, he discussed the introduction of national pavilion with General Manager Guo Xiao; he also discussed the establishment of Azerbaijan product trade platform with representative of chambers of commerce, associations and relevant companies.

After the visit, Meng Qingsheng laid out follow-up plans and asked competent departments of the five centers to comb through all the possibilities and keep in touch with relevant stakeholders so as to make sure to translate the useful information into real projects and lay a solid foundation for trade and investment promotion next year.  

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