Working with India

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1. Promoting the Fosun Group project. On August 29, the SCODA and the Fosun Group signed an agreement, to rely on the advantageous resources of the Fosun Group to carry out bio-pharmaceutical cooperation, including Gland pharma which Fosun Group invested in and held shares of in India. According to Fosun Group, once Gland pharma became listed in India, Fosun will visit the SCODA at a due time, and proceed with investing in and building a factory in the SCODA.

2. Building India Luyin Agricultural Machinery project: a land area of 37 Mu, a floor area of 23,000 square meters, a total investment of 200 million. This project is invested in and built by India NK Corporation and Qingdao Lulu Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. It specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and production of chili stalk cutting machines, chili top cutting machines, color sorting machines and chili selection machines. The company will build the R&D center and production base for chili stalk and top cutting machines. Meanwhile, Luyin has set up a trade center in India, in order to expand its agricultural machinery sales and chili import in and from India and Pakistan.

3. Providing service for and support Haier to build an industrial park in northern India: the civil construction of 3 factories including roofs has been completed. The production equipment imported from outside of India is ready for shipment. The construction, steel structure and dynamic engineering of the construction site are ongoing.

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