SCO Secretary-General meets with delegation from Xian Exhibition Centre

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On 25 March 2021, SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov had a meeting with Mr Wang Hongliang, Deputy Executive Director of the Xian Exhibition Centre (Secretariat of the Eurasian Economic Forum), at the SCO Secretariat.

During the meeting, the SCO Secretary-General noted that Xian, where the Great Silk Road originated, had unique geographical advantages, helping link Europe and Asia, and that it also played an important role in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative. It is therefore no coincidence that Xian is the venue for the Eurasian Economic Forum.

According to the SCO Secretary-General, the Eurasian Economic Forum is an influential venue for the entire Eurasian region.


Mr Norov also suggested to senior officials of the Eurasian Economic Forum that a panel discussion dealing with the SCO's 20th anniversary be organised, as part of the 2021 Eurasian Economic Forum. The discussion's participants could focus on transport and logistics, trans-border e-commerce and tourism.

"The SCO Secretariat completely supports events to mark the 20th anniversary of establishing the SCO and the Forum of the SCO Regions within the framework of the 2021 Eurasian Economic Forum, and it will also provide the required assistance during preparatory work," SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov noted.


In turn, Wang Hongliang congratulated the SCO Secretary-General on the 20th anniversary of establishing the SCO and agreed that the Eurasian Economic Forum was a leading international cooperation venue for the Eurasian region, including countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

He noted that the Forum also facilitated cooperation between Xian and other countries and organisations, and that it played an important role in transport and logistics cooperation between countries located along the Belt and Road route, as well as with regard to international cooperation in the area of production capacities and in creating investment and trade platforms.

Wang Hongliang told the SCO Secretary-General that the 9th Eurasian Economic Forum would be held in Xian in the second half of 2021, and that preparations for the forum were now underway.


The forum will include various events such as celebrations marking the SCO's 20th anniversary and panel sessions on transport, logistics, tourism and other cooperation areas.

The participants agreed to maintain close working contacts.


The Eurasian Economic Forum is a platform for international economic cooperation in Eurasia that also includes countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. The biennial forum has been held in Xian since 2005.

Today, the Eurasian Economic Forum has become one of China's visiting cards, an important trade and economic event linking western Chinese districts with the outside business world and an attractive platform for launching trade and economic contacts between countries located along the Great Silk Road.

The Forum has been held with the support of Chinese ministries and agencies, the SCO Secretariat, the UN Development Programme, the Eurasian Economic Union and the People's Government of Shaanxi Province. The People's Government of Xian is the forum's main organiser.

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