SCO Secretary General Delivered Video Speech to Participants of “2050 Conference-Cloud Dialogue”

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From April 23 to 25, 2021, the annual event of 2050 Conference was held at Yunqi Town. This conference themed on "the Role of Young People of Countries along the Silk Road in Promoting Innovation".

During a group meeting themed on the "mission of young people of Belt and Road countries in promoting innovation", Vladimir Norov, SCO Secretary General, as one of the keynote speakers of the conference, delivered a video speech:

"Around the globe, innovation is usually propelled by young people for they can realize their own problems, and find innovative solutions. Teaching young people digital skills, especially high-level skills, and offering them opportunities to start business, could facilitate stable socio-economic growth."

SCO Secretary defined this event as a new type of platform for young people. Every year over 50 volunteer institutions from various cities participate, with the total visitors reaching 10,000. The word "volunteer" embodies the most unique charm of 2050 conference.

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