SCO Secretary Met the Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in China

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On June 9, as proposed by Iraq, Vladimir Norov, SCO Secretary met with Saayid, the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in China. During the meeting, they carried out broad discussions on the prospect of cooperation between the Republic of Iraq and SCO. 

At the beginning of the dialogue, Norov, SCO Secretary said that SCO had become an influential organization, whose right of speech was more valued in the international arena, and more and more countries were interested in cooperating with SCO. He emphasized that SCO member states saw Shanghai Spirit as their foundation, strived to realize the objectives stipulated in the SCO Charter and other basic documents of the SCO. The SCO stood ready to interact with countries keen to cooperate with the SCO, engage in dialogues with them on the basis of long-term mutual strategic interests, enhance understanding, trust and seek new common grounds.

The two sides agreed to strengthen cultural cooperation between the Embassy of Iraq in China and the SCO Secretariat.

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