8th"Model SCO" Youth Conference Held at Tashkent

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On November 11, 8th "Model SCO" Youth Conference was held at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy at Tashkent. This year's topic was "Peace and Prosperity in Central Asia: The main stability factor for the entire SCO space". This is one of the series activities Uzbekistan intends to organize during its term as the rotating chairman of SCO. This event coincided with the "World Youth Day", and was organized both online and offline.



The Model SCO's main purpose is to encourage young people to take an interest in the SCO's work by modeling high-level political debates among the SCO member states. This eighth edition modeled the SCO Heads of Government Council, one of the organization's main bodies. It helped young participants gain a deeper insight into the SCO's functioning and work. Twenty-two students from the University of World Economy and Diplomacy acted as delegates of the SCO member states and Secretariat staff.


It was introduced that this center was jointly built by SCODA Administrative Committee and Qingdao Customs. It is an integral part of the Virtual Approval Center for Certificates of Origin of the Qingdao Customs.

Certificate of Origin is a document issued by the specific institution of the export country to prove that the export goods originate from the country or region, and is dubbed as the "economic passport" for products from various countries to enter the international market. By obtaining the Certificate of Origin, the export company could lower the cost of trade, raise the market competitiveness of their export products. Such certificates provided by the exporter could enable the importer to enjoy tariff reduction and exemption, facilitate industrial clustering, thus improving the level of trade facilitation for export, and enhancing the economic and trade cooperation among companies from the SCO countries.

On the very day, a batch of goods exported to India by Qingdao Qili Jiarong Garment Co., Ltd. got approved and issued the Certificate of Origin Form B on-site, which was the first Certificate of Origin issued by SCODA Approval Center for Certificates of Origin.

"It took just a few minutes from sending the electronic information to get the certificate. With this certificate, those goods could enjoy tariff preference during export." Xu Yuejing, Deputy Commissioner of Jiaozhou Customs.

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