Roundtable Meeting Titled "Shanghai Cooperation Organization: The Past, Present and Future" Held in Beijing

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On June 29, to mark the 20th anniversary of the SCO Charter and the 15th anniversary of the Treaty on Long-Term Good-Neighbourliness, Friendship and Cooperation, the SCO Secretariat, China Institute of International Studies, and the Centre for Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Studies jointly organized a roundtable meeting titled "Shanghai Cooperation Organization: The Past, Present and Future". The conference was held both online and offline. Xu Bu, President of China Institute of International Studies, and Director of the Centre for Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Studies presided over the meeting. More than 50 guests took part in the meeting, including the SCO Secretary-General, experts and scholars of various countries, ambassadors of the SCO member states, representatives of the Foreign Ministry of China, and media representatives. The foreign ministers of the SCO countries and Director of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (RATS) Executive Committee addressed the participants via video.


In his remarks, Secretary-General Zhang Ming noted that the Charter manifests the SCO's primary mission and embodies the common aspirations and values of the member states. The treaty has created a new model for countries in the region to engage in dialogues among civilizations and share the fruits of development. It was stressed that the SCO should seize the opportunity, take a proactive approach to strive for reforms and improve itself and amplify its positive impact on the situation in the world, in order to steer the world order toward more democratic, fair and rational tendencies which meet the expectations of the entire SCO family.

Participating representatives presented their analytical reports on the significance of the SCO Charter and the Treaty, as well as the historic achievements and prospects of the SCO's development, and said that they would actively defend the goals and principles stated in these fundamental documents, strengthen consolidation and coordination, expand multi-dimensional cooperation, facilitate reform and innovation of the SCO, and create a better future together for the SCO.

Participating representatives visited the 20 Years of SCO History Photo Exhibition and the book The List of World Heritage in SCO Family.

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