SCODA: Key National Task Gained Full Momentum

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In mid-summer, everything prospered in the SCODA.

图片关键词On Shangde Avenue, trucks with full loads of cargoes were running. At the construction sites, the tall tower cranes were working non-stop. At Qingdao International Cooperation Hub with SCO Countries, guests, friends and customers from all over the world gathered...

In ancient times, Banqiao Town, the departure port for the northward route of the Marine Silk Road, enjoyed prosperity and popularity. Today, the SCODA shouldered the "national key task" of building a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation. 20 international and domestic freight trains ran from here, 42 major projects from home and abroad with a total investment of 160.5 billion RMB were located here, and channels for economic, trade and culture exchanges with 17 SCO countries were established......

Logistics blazed the trail for opening-up

In the roaring steam whistle, on May 22, the first Qilu Eurasian Freight Train Cold Chain Train departed from the SCODA Qingdao Multimodal Transport Center. The train carried frozen and cold agricultural products including broccoli and asparagus, with approximately 1 million USD in cargo value. It will exit the border from Manzhouli Port, and arrive in Moscow, Russia in 15 days.

Up till now, the SCODA Qingdao Multimodal Transport Center has operated 20 international and domestic trains, including Japan-South Korea Land-Sea Express, and 11 international trains including the Central Asia Train, Central Europe(Russia) Train, etc. It has gradually formed an international logistics channel connecting Japan and South Korea and facing Asia-Pacific in the east, Mongolia and Russia in the north, ASEAN in the south, SCO and Belt and Road countries in the west.

On the big screen at the entrance of the building of the Administrative Committee of the SCODA, the slogan read: " Pioneering Spirit, Immediate Action, Seeking Achievements", which fully embodied the SCODA spirit.

The SCODA rode the tide, attracted major projects and gathered important industries. A number of high-profile projects were introduced here, highlighting the magnetic field effect of the golden brand of the SCODA.

Statistics indicated that since 2020, the SCODA has brought in 42 demonstrative and leading projects with a total investment of 160.5 billion RMB including Fosun SCO Shiguangli, and Nissan electric motor, covering key industrial areas of advanced manufacturing, industrial Internet, intelligent medical care and international logistics. Among these projects, there were 5 Global Fortune 500 projects, 4 China Fortune 500 projects, 2 unicorn projects, and 9 industrial leading projects.

As the economy and trade develop rapidly, the cultural exchanges and cooperation between the SCODA and SCO countries were also getting closer.

Russia Center, Macao-Portuguese Speaking Countries Commodity Hall, Azerbaijan State Hall, and QTID Cross-border Duty-free Experience Center were located in the SCODA. Nepal Traditional Handicraft Exhibition, "International Friends @Qingdao", "Gathering at SCODA Cup", Russian Language Competition, SCO Countries International Chess Tournament were held in the SCODA and built the channel for economic, trade, and culture exchanges between the SCODA and SCO countries.

Bounding friends with culture, promoting business with friendship. The SCODA actively promoted Sinotrans to set up a branch in Alma-Ata of Kazakhstan, expedited the layout of SCO global central warehouses, set up an overseas warehouse in Russia, launched the online operation of JD SCO special commodities hall, selling over 100 products of 11 categories from Russia and other countries.

This year, the SCODA will seize the good momentum, expand the overflow effect of the SCO Exposition, implement the 19 tasks endowed by the CPC Shandong Committee, including setting up SCO (ASEAN) Economic and Trade College, and SCO, Belt and Road and ASEAN Logistics Dispatch Center. We will also continue to follow up on the memorandums for cooperation with 4 cities and 19 industrial parks or areas from 17 countries, as well as the 20 projects totaling 66.8 billion RMB of investment such as SCO International Energy Center, and seek project landing and profit at an early date.



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