Qingdao International Cooperation Hub for Belt and Road & Central SOEs—Six Groups of Guests in One Day: Closer Interaction between Central SOEs and Qingdao

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Central SOEs are important pillars of China's economic development and play the roles of pioneer and main driving force in building the Belt and Rod. The SCODA benefits from the unique advantages of the "experimental field" for policies. Qingdao International Cooperation Hub for Belt and Road & Central SOEs (hereinafter referred to as SOEs Cooperation Hub) combines the advantages of both sides. Since its establishment over a year ago, the SOEs Cooperation Hub focused on its advantageous resources, gradually release the multiplier effect, and provided an important driving force for building the new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation.



The numbers are most persuasive. Last June, upon its opening, the SOEs Cooperation Hub signed ten Belt and Road investment projects between SOEs and local regions, totaling an investment of 42.7 billion yuan. This June, the 2021 SOEs Visiting Qingdao was held in Qingdao, during which 16 projects between SOEs and local companies were signed, with a total investment of 48.327 billion yuan. Thanks to the overlapping advantageous resources, the SCO and SOEs cooperation hubs saw their SOEs, and local cooperation projects grow in numbers and investment volume. Meanwhile, the SCO SOEs (Qingdao) International Cooperation Hub Development Co., Ltd. and Qingdao SCO Human Resources Co., Ltd. were officially unveiled, which will further guarantee the expedited uprising of the SOEs Cooperation Hub with institutional and talent support.


On July 20, the SCODA welcomed guests from six central SOEs. An official of the SCODA said that "we are used to this kind of popularity". The six central SOEs include China Hualu Group Co., Ltd., China General Technology (Beijing) Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., SB China Venture Capital (SBCVC), Xinbao Investment Management Co., Ltd., China Green Development Group and Yukun Steel Group Co., Ltd. Their main business scope span various fields, such as urban digital economy infrastructure, advanced manufacturing and technological service consultancy, medicine and health industry, trade and engineering contract, investment, insurance, strategic emerging industry investment, etc., all of which are urgently needed by the SCODA in future development. After the field trip, the six central SOEs and the SCODA had in-depth communication at the seminar and agreed to further cooperate in areas such as industrial funds and the development of digital parks.

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