Gather SCO Strength, Accelerate the Building of New Platform for Belt and Road International Cooperation, and Accumulate New Momentum for the Opening up of the SCODA

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On September 6, a China-Europe Freight Train (Qilu) "SCO Express" arrived at Dushanbe of Tajikistan from the SCODA. The train carried the supplies for the foundation laying ceremony of the SCO Park, designed and produced by two Chinese companies. The SCODA completed the freight operation procedures for the train at the fastest speed, and guaranteed the supplies were transported to Dushanbe within half a month.


Tajikistani Embassy in China sent a thank-you letter for the impressive SCO Speed, expressed sincere gratitude and respect to the SCODA, and highly commended the work of the SCODA.

Now, one train after another run between the SCODA and SCO countries like steel arteries, expanding the road of opening-up broader and broader. This is one of the achievements of the improved connectivity with SCO countries, as a result of the emphasis on international logistics by the SCODA.

For the past two years, the SCODA has shouldered the "major national task", gathered "SCO strength" with openness, and focused on building the "4+1" centers namely the international logistics center, modern trade center, two-way investment cooperation center, commercial, tourism and cultural exchange center, marine cooperation center. It is dedicated to cultivating new driving forces for opening up, and creating new models for cooperation, thus achieving full momentum and effects in economic and trade cooperation, connectivity, cultural exchange and platform construction.

The progress and achievements of the SCODA at this stage haven't come easily. How to stimulate an even stronger sense of obligation, mission and urgency, so as to creatively implement the general plan on building the SCODA, and promote its high-quality development?

The SCODA took initiative to attempt and seek breakthroughs courageously, resort to self-reform, and saw "institutional innovation" as a pillar.

It was reported that the SCODA has issued 14 cases of institutional innovation including the "multi-modal transportation waybill system". The SCODA initiated the "SCO · Bank-Customs Connectivity" Customs Guarantee Product for the customs duties, and established the first cross-border credit investigation platform between China and SCO countries. The SCODA expedited the "procedures within the SCODA can be handled by the SCODA" program. The SCODA has undertaken the first batch of 54 items of public services entrusted by the provincial government, and will further undertake the second batch of 38 more items. It also undertook 19 items entrusted by Qingdao Municipality, strengthening the commercial service brand of "sincere SCO service for your satisfaction". Now, the SCODA has accumulated more experiences and practice that could be replicated and promoted. It is becoming a model for bilateral or multilateral local economic and trade cooperation.

Building the SCODA is a major national task, and "a window of opportunity" for driving Qingdao's high-quality development with higher-level opening up. Currently, the SCODA acts as a pioneer to gather SCO elements, link economic and trade cooperation, expand innovation achievements, and bridge communication, accelerating the momentum of growth. It aspires to "promote cooperation with harmony, bridge cooperation with fairness, nourish cooperation with integrity, and pursue cooperation with sincerity", thus injecting strong power into building a new platform for Belt and Road international cooperation.

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