SCODA Opened Three Free Themed Bus Tour Routes

2021-10-25 16:27:16 admin source: share:

On the morning of September 9, the launching ceremony for SCO Tourism Routes and the series event was held at the SCODA Trade Center, hosted by the Administrative Committee of the SCODA and Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. Three free bus tour routes were released during the ceremony, which added more convenience for the citizens to explore and learn about the SCODA.



Each of the three themed routes released at the launching ceremony takes one day, including Qingdao (For Individuals) and Jiaozhou Route (For Individuals), Study Route (For Groups), Commerce and Tourism Route (For Groups), to satisfy the demand of different personnel to explore the SCODA.


The SCO Tourism Routes will be run by free buses, dispatching two shuttle buses from Qingdao every Saturday, and two from Jiaozhou every Sunday.

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