SCODA Released the Work Action Plan for Institutional Innovation in 2022, Covering Seven Aspects Including International Logistics

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The reporter learned from the Administrative Committee of SCODA on May 7 that, The Work Action Plan for Institutional Innovation of SCODA in 2022 has been printed recently. Guided by institutional innovation, the plan adheres to the principles of "uniqueness, openness and initiative", meets the needs of SCO countries for local economic and trade cooperation, and strives to deepen the bilateral pragmatic cooperation. The action plan put forward 30 institutional innovation items in seven areas, including the international logistics, modern trade, two-way investment, business, tourism and cultural exchanges, scientific and technological cooperation and achievements transformation, financial opening-up and innovation, and improvement of the business environment, and set targets for the institutional innovation this year.

Upgrading the functions of the "four centers" is the top priority of SCODA's institutional innovation. In promoting the international logistics facilitation, SCODA will build a new cooperation model of the Overseas Assembly Center of CR Express Freight Trains. It will explore cooperation in organizing overseas sources of goods, two-way customs clearance facilitation and distribution of goods, improve and expand the construction of overseas logistics network, and further enhance the overseas logistics service capacity of CR Express Freight Trains. In promoting modern trade facilitation, a collaborative mechanism will be established for the credit certification of customs and tax enterprises in this area. And the SCODA will explore information exchange and data sharing between customs AEO (authorized economic operator) and A-class tax enterprises. In promoting the two-way investment facilitation, the SCODA will strengthen ties between business associations of SCO member states, service agencies and enterprises, and actively build a comprehensive service platform for investment cooperation between China and SCO. To facilitate business, tourism, people-to-people and cultural exchanges, the SCODA will accelerate the construction of the China-SCO Institute of Economy and Trade, and plan to carry out 75 high-quality training courses for 7,000 person times online and offline this year.

It is reported that the institutional innovation of SCODA has been carried out in full swing. Taking "deepening the application of the Handle identification resolution system, and building a new type of industrial demonstration base" as an example, Handle global root node basic system has been officially launched and running stably, providing services such as international identification registration, resolution service, data management and operation monitoring, supporting various forms of data sharing and exchange at home and abroad, and connecting relevant industry resources of RCEP countries, SCO countries and countries and regions along the Belt and Road, supporting the construction of transnational data resolution and innovative application, gradually forming an "international data sharing and exchange service system".

It is worth mentioning that, on the basis of the key work of institutional innovation, SCODA will also carry out stress tests in barter trade and offshore trade, so as to promote trade liberalization in a wider range and further promote the institutional opening-up of SCODA.

So far, SCODA has implemented 35 reform and innovation items with SCO characteristics, primarily formed the institutional innovation framework and system with "four convenient and one leading" features and SCO characteristics. More than 90% of the innovation cases are associated with SCO countries, related to various aspects of the exchanges with SCO countries, such as logistics, business and trade, science and technology, people-to-people and cultural exchanges, etc.

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